High-Performance Flexible ZnO Thin-Film Transistors by Atomic Layer Deposition

Author:WMF Publish:2019/2/22

On January 29, 2019, IEEE Electron Device Letters published the research results of high-performance flexible ZnO thin-film transistors by Professor Yanqing Wu from Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center. The paper entitled “High-Performance Flexible ZnO Thin-Film Transistors by Atomic Layer Deposition”. The first author of this paper is Mengfei Wang, a PhD student of Grade 2016 from school of optical and electronic information. The other authors from group members including Xuefei Li, Xiong Xiong, Jian Song, Chengru Gu, Dan Zhan, Qianlan Hu, and Shengman Li. Zinc oxide thin film transistors (ZnO TFTs) fabricated on flexible substrate have attracted great interest such as in wearable electronic equipment and flexible panel displays. However, how to achieve high mobility and high bending stability at the same time is still an urgent problem to be solved. To solve this problem, we have used the atomic layer deposition technique to deposit the dielectric and the channel layers of the device. The flexible ZnO device exhibits excellent electrical characteristics even after being bent for 200,000 cycles with a tensile strain of 0.63%. Electrical measurement under a high tensile strain of 2.08% has also been carried out. Moreover, the electrical performance dependence of flexible ZnO TFTs with a tensile strain of 0.78% on temperature from 20 to 140 has been investigated for the first time.


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