Broadband Black-Phosphorus Photodetectors with High Responsivity

Author:X.X. Publish:2016/3/19

         In summary, we have demonstrated a high-performance broadband BP-based photodetector in the wavelength range from 400 to 900 nm. The record-high photoresponsivity reaches up to about 7 × 106 A W1 at 20 K and 4.3 × 106 A W1 at 300 K for the 100 nm device in a broadband spectrum. A systematic study of the photoresponse dependence on temperature, incident laser power density, photon energy, and channel length for BP-based photodetectors is carried out for the first time. These performance parameters are among the best in the 2D materials-based photodetectors reported so far, showing great potential of black phosphorus in the application of broadband photodetection at a wide temperature range.


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