Mechanisms of current fluctuation in ambipolar black phosphorus field-effect transistors

Author:X.X. Publish:2016/3/19

      Multi-layer black phosphorus has emerged as a strong candidate owing to its high carrier mobility with most of the previous research work focused on its p-type properties. Very few studies have been performed on its n-type electronic characteristics which are important not only for the complementary operation for logic, but also crucial for understanding the carrier transport through the metalblack phosphorus junction. A thorough understanding and proper evaluation of the performance potential of both p- and n-types are highly desirable. In this paper, we investigate the temperature dependent ambipolar peration of both electron and hole transport from 300 K to 20 K. On-currents as high as 85 μA μm1 for a 0.2 μm channel length BP nFET at 300 K are observed. Moreover, we provide the first systematic study on the low frequency noise mechanisms for both n-channel and p-channel BP transistors. The dominated noise mechanisms of the multi-layer BP nFET and pFET are mobility fluctuation and carrier number fluctuations with correlated mobility fluctuations, respectively. We have also established a baseline of the low electrical noise of 8.1 × 109 μm2 Hz1 at 10 Hz at room temperature for BP pFETs, which is 3 times improvement over previous reports, and 7.0 × 108 μm2 Hz1 for BP nFETs for the first time.


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