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ANEG Research Group Introduction

Author:X.X. Publish:2015/10/13

The Advanced Nanoelectronics Group and its team have been established since 2012, relying upon Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center, Huazhong University of Science & Technology. There are two faculty members in the team, including the leading Professor Yanqing Wu, who was brought in from overseas by "the Thousand Youth Talents Plan" in 2012. Other group members include ten Ph.D students, six master degree students, and one secretary. The research fields of Advanced Nanoelectronics Group focuse on the growth and characterization of novel materials; fabrication of micro-nano electronic devices, circuit design and simulation; electrical measurement, magnetic measurement, photoelectric measurement and microwave measurement of micro-nano electronic devices. The interested micro-nano electronic devices includes novel two-dimensional based devices like graphene and MoS2 FET, III-V narrow bandgap compound semiconductor devices, wide bandgap semiconductor power devices, and novel optoelectronic devices. Now our team runs exclusively two clean rooms with total area of about 400 m2which serve for device fabrication and device characterization, respectively. Our labs are fully capable of material growth, device fabrication, encapsulation molding, circuit design and characterization.

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